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Over 1 Million Views

Sweet music needs a sweet music video. Akin hired us to stage a club scene in Toronto on a Thursday. Now that music video has over 1.3M views on youtube. Mama we made it !

You’re an artiste ? We bet you want to get amazing views and potentially get Aired on Tv. Guess what at visuvo, we got you covered. Our team of creative directors have over 20years combined in directing and producing music videos. You don’t have to worry. Focus on your music and we bring out the star in you. See you on set 🎥

Check out a few music videos we have directed. 


Young & Classy - Gwan
What do you expect when you have the whole golf course to your self.
Amazing experience playing gold behind the scenes.

Group 335_2x.png

Confidential Loving - Enibeats
Want to know what a crazy James Bond look like ? Check this video out.
Amazing Visuals. 

Group 337_2x.png

My baby - Nina Ricchie
Nina is a goddess. Watch how she got this guy hypnotized. It was an amazing experience in Scarborough Ontario. We filmed this whole set in 8 hours. 

Group 334_2x.png

Unconditional - Mek Rezerek
A music video turned youtube series. Stay tuned for the new family series of the rico barber store.

Group 336_2x.png

Skonto - King Jay X Enibeats 
We brought Jamaica to Canada. This video deserves an award for the set play. Make sure you have some sun screen while watching. 

Group 338_2x.png

All Night - Mikkie Phresh.
Never seen a T-rex go like that. Mikkie Phresh is one artiste we love working wth. His energy is out of this world. 

Group 339_2x.png

Wavy - Olivia
I love when the high school fight scene comes up. We got the volley ball beef game on fire. Enjoy.