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Baggo Tee jeje

Baggotee Effortlessly brought an “Afrobeat” Legend (BABA FELA) “Vibe” back to LIFE on his new single “JEJE (Easy)”

Baggotee is an Afro Hip Hop artist hailed from West part of Nigeria, Ibadan, Oyo State. He was born in March 24th of the year 1992. His legal name is BABATUNJI ABDULWAHAB. He left Nigeria for USA in 2015 with his family and after some years he relocated to Toronto, Canada where he released his first official song titled “Summer Vibe” and ever since then, the rest have been a “story” of “Hits” back to back.

Jbwai Imani

Imani is an afrobeat blend with some pop and highlife. The song is an expression of unconditional love with a powerful universal connection that relates to respect for the African women
Imani is an amazing girl. She is also really pretty. She might be shy when you meet her but when you get to know her you'll love her. Imani is also very kind and you can trust her with all your secrets. She can make your day lit even when you are sad. Imani's hugs are the best and guys love her booty. She often cares about her friends and her family more than herself. You all need an Imani in your lives.